DreamCATchers relies on visitors and donations to continue our work. We only receive minor government funding so every donation is more than welcome. With a donation of over €100 you can become a guardian of one of our cats. You can also become a member for €15.

For €10 we can feed one cat for one week. On the menu there's a fresh mix of chicken and tuna, combined with lovely sardines.


For €25 we can provide 3 new toys for our cats. A mouse with catnip, a ball or a fishing rot with feathers.


Every month the vet comes to check up on our cats. The cost is €45, but we also have to buy a lot of medicines.


You can become the guardian of one of our cats until they get adopted. The money is used for food, litter, allround care and possible medications and extra cuddles. Your name will be on the profile of the cat.


You will provide for four months of medical care for all our cats. Your name will be on the profile of the new cats in the café, or on the profile of your favourite cat.


Choose the amount

Choose the amount you want to donate. 


Leaving a legacy

If you are considering putting DreamCATchers in your will, feel free to contact us.

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