Like most of the cat pubs, we work with reservations.
On the one hand we want to avoid the cats from stressing because of the crowdedness, on the other hand we want to make sure we can provide everyone with a seat.

Would you like to visit us on the day itself? It’s possible to book a seat if you give us a phone call on the number 09/310.40.35 . 

Update 01/11/21: every visitor needs to show a COVID safe-ticket. 

Currently you can only book per table, not per person. Due to the current measures, we allow a maximum of 2 persons per table. If you would like to come with 3 or 4 please book 2 tables. Please indicate the number of people visiting in the box “comments”. If you would like to come with more than 4, please contact us in advance.

(Please note that in your confirmation e-mail you will see "number of persons" instead of "number of tables", you can ignore this.)


You can make a reservation every 45 minutes. A reservations allows you to spend 1,5 hours between the cats in our living room. We kindly ask you to be present 5 minutes before the start of your reservation. If you can’t make it in time or can’t make it at all, please inform us by phone on the number 09/310.40.35. If you are not present 10 minutes after the start of your reservation, your place(s) will be given to other visitors.  

A visit to our pub costs €12 per visitor for 1,5 hours. This amount goes entirely to food and care (vet costs, medicines) for the cats. Members only pay €10, you can purchase a membership card here. The amount includes your entrance and 2 drinks or your entrance, 1 drink and 1 snack.  

Keep in mind that we don't have cats who like to cuddle. Also the cats sleep a lot, therefore we can not guarantee that they are walking around in the living room. They are the most active in the morning and at 5 pm you have better chance of seeing them all as they start preparing for dinner time.



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