Our house rules

To make sure that our cats are as happy as possible during your visit, and also for your safety, we've implemented a few house rules together with our cat behaviourist. 

  • Cats have sensitive noses and they already love your natural scent, so don't overdo it with the Chanel Nº5 (or 1, 2 ,3 and 4). 

  • Please clean/wash your hands before you visit the cats, especially if you have cats, dogs, or other pets of your own (with the exception of goldfish).

  • Please put your phone on silent. Use Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as much as you want! As long as you don't use flash. And don't forget to add our hashtag: #WeAreDreamCATchers! 

  • Even our ridiculously friendly cats can sometimes have a bad day, and every now and then they can be in a 'don't touch without gloves' mood. If you notice that they pull away, it's best to leave them be. 

  • Start off by saying hello, bonjour, hallo or ciao to the cats from a distance. The best way to do this is to blink slowly with both eyes; this will put the cats at ease. In cat language, direct eye contact for too long means you're going to attack.

  • When a cat approaches you, show your passport first (let them sniff your hand). If the cat approves and wants to be petted, they will rub their head against you. Otherwise you will have to find a different feline.

  • Do not wake sleeping cats. Et pour les chiens la même chose!

  • It's tempting - we know - but do not feed the cats. No, not even baby turnip carpaccio with smoked eel on a bed of bell pepper, to give a casual example. Some of the cats get given particular food in specific quantities, but you can enjoy as many of our tasty cakes and cookies as you like.

  • Our cats are ALWAYS graceful, except for when they're not. So be careful about what you leave lying on the table, like smartphones, tablets, and crystal vases.

  • We love kids as much as we love cats, so be sure to bring them! Just try to keep them a bit calm so the cats are at ease and the children are safe.

  • For those who need to lift something up, there is a Basic-Fit gym around the corner! Please let our cats run free. Pawsome!


Of course we give our cats cookies from time to time, but you get a cookie too - a digital one, though. We use cookies to remember your preferences. More info can be found in our terms and conditions.