Dear Iglo, we are going to miss you

10/07/2019 Cats

On the 6th of November 2018, I was on my way to Dierenasiel Gent to pick up Nalu, one of the new cats of the café. Nalu resided 1.5 years in the shelter already, so high time that DreamCATchers tries to provide her with her furrever home. At arrival, I got the question if we had the capacity to take one more cat with us. No doubt whatsoever! I heard that this cat was very anxious and had a big fear for dogs and their barking. 

And that is how you entered DreamCATchers, dear Iglo, together with Nalu. 

You were so cute with your white little moustache and white paws. A loving little man that would conquer a lot of hearts during his time at our café.  



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